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Why your swimming pool filter matters so much

June 23, 2016 | admin

What’s so important about my pool filter?

A lot of pool owners know that they have a pool filter, and most of you know a little about it — how big it is, what’s in it (if it’s a sand filter or DE filter), but sometimes that’s where the knowledge stops. Which is OK! But we’re here to be a resource for you and we want to stress how important your filter is to the life of your swimming pool. It needs to be cared for and your pool service should include looking after your filter’s needs.

It’s easy to underestimate the role that your filter plays for your pool, but in reality, if your filter isn’t working properly, your pool will have problems, period.

We’ll start with the basics of how you can care for your swimming pool filter.

When you first open the pool for the season, for the first couple weeks until the water is completely clean and clear, backwash your sand filter every day, and your DE filter every few days.

During the regular season you should backwash your sand filter once a week, and your DE filter every other week.

When you backwash either type of pool filter, you need to turn your filter off, roll your backwash hose out, turn your key assembly to the “backwash” settting, and run it until the water in your site glass becomes more clear again (for 30 seconds to one minute on average). Your backwash water will and should be dirty — this is all of the dirt and gunk your filter has worked to eliminate from you pool, and that shows the the filter is doing its job.

Then shut it off, turn the key assembly to “rinse,” and run that for 10 seconds. Shut it off, then turn it back to “filter” and resume regular scheduling for your filter.

PLEASE NOTE: After each time you backwash your DE FILTER, you need to “charge” the filter again once it’s back on the “filter” option. You do this by adding DE powder slowly into the skimmer with the filter running. The amount you add depends on you filter, and it should say on the info panel on the filter how much DE powder you should add. If it doesn’t say on the panel, you can add 4 pounds kof DE powder as a safe average.

If you’re having a hard time getting your pool clear despite the chemicals you add, or if you’re noticing a problem with your water flow in your pump or to your salt cell generator, filter problems may be the culprit.

Your sand filters should have the sand changed every 3-5 years, and your DE filter should be cleaned every year or two (or more as needed).

You would be astounded the difference it can make when you go from a clogged DE filter or dirty sand filter to clean, ready-to-use filters. It can literally turn a pool around in hours if poor water flow through your pool filter is the issue.

Here’s some photos of a pool that was having a ridiculously hard time turning around. It would oscillate between green, and cloudy blue but could never get clear.


When Dave’s Pool Store & Swimming Pool Service came and serviced their DE filter, we took it all the way apart and cleaned it out and found a huge amount of blockage.


But when we cleaned it all out, within the hour, the pool started to clear. Within the next couple days, it was completely better.


The proof is in the water.

If you live in the Wichita, Kansas area, and need swimming pool service, a sand change for your filter, or a DE filter cleaning, give us a call at 316-943-0717.

We’d be happy to provide the pool service you need. We also sell DE Powder, Pool Filter Sand, and other swimming pool supplies you may need at our store on West Street in Wichita. Come see us!

Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 

Stress is Hurting You. Hot Tub Therapy Can Help

June 8, 2016 | admin

 Clinical studies and medical professionals have shown that hot tubs and spas not only add to your enjoyment or a nice backyard, they actually have measurable health benefits. If you missed Dave’s Pool Store’s first post on how hot tubs and spas help your body with back pain and arthritis, you can read that below (scroll down two blog posts).

One of the ways we all naturally tend to talk about hot tubs is with the desire to relax or destress. That’s dead on and one of the major health benefits that comes with owning a hot tub. 

hot tubs help stress | Dave's Pool Store & Service Wichita


The link between stress and illness should be of interest to anyone concerned with their health. Whether it’s work, family, or life events that are stressing us out, the statistics are clear. According to the American Institute of Stress stress may be harming you in ways you didn’t even know.

Here’s the facts:

– 44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago.

– 1 in 5 Americans experience “extreme stress” — shaking, heart palpitations, depression.

And then there’s this. Above the fact that it’s something we all deal with at some point or another, and at some level or another, there’s a serious link between your stress levels and your health that you may not be aware of. 

– Work stress causes 10% of strokes

– Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease.

SIXTY percent. That’s huge. In fact, apparently 3 out of every 4 doctor’s visits are for stress-related ailments.

Maybe you’ve never thought of a hot tub as a serious medical tool to boost your health, but when we’re all facing stress levels and the related ailments like this, it’s something to take seriously. 

When affected by stress, the heart has to work harder, breathing can become more rapid and shallow, and your whole digestive system slows. 

Since it’s (unfortunately) such a common thing in our country, what we want to do is help you have an effective tool to help deal with it and treat it. And if a spa or hot tub can do that for you, why wouldn’t you want one?

With the Clearwater spas sold at Dave’s Pool Store & Service, you get three components that are key aspects to relieving that stress in your body:

Heat, buoyancy, and massage. 

These three elements combine to help your muscles and nerve ending relax, allowing stress to escape your body. The extensive and specialized jet system in the hot tubs we sell at Dave’s Pool store are especially efficient on this front. Some hot tubs have a few ill-placed jets available for use, but the Clearwater spas have 60+ jets each (some have over 100 spa jets) to make sure that your stressed muscles receive the relaxing attention they deserve. 

Bonus: Most of our spas come with a 5-year equipment/plumbing warranty, and a 20-year warranty covers the cabinet and shell.

Take control of this huge part of your health and well being. Come in today to see the hot tubs we have available at Dave’s Pool Store in Wichita. 

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Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, cleaning and maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub needs. 

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photo credit: Image taken from page 90 of ‘Lays of Modern Oxford, by Adon. Illustrated by M. E. Edwards, F. Lockwood, and the author’ via photopin (license)

The Importance of Updating Your Pool Cover

April 15, 2016 | admin
Dave's Pool Store Wichita KS Swimming pool cover
photo credit: Pool Cover via photopin (license)

If you live in Kansas, your swimming pool cover is an important asset to your pool. Whether you have an automatic cover that you use continually through the whole year, or if it’s an anchored swimming pool cover that’s only in use when the pool is winterized — your cover goes through a lot of use.

In Kansas especially, you have the strong winds and whatever debris that brings with it. You have the hot sun, the cold freezes, the rains pouring down, and occasionally, even hail storms.

All of these are stressors on your pool cover, which is OK, because one of the main purposes of your pool cover is to protect your pool. The cover takes the beating so that your pool doesn’t have to and remains protected and cleaner.

But all of these stressors can cause wear and tear on your cover, thinning the fabric and weakening it’s structure.

If you view your cover only as a method of keeping debris out of your pool, you’re missing perhaps the most important feature of a pool cover. Your swimming pool cover is first and foremost as safety feature.

Swimming pool covers are built to be strong enough for a full-grown adult to walk out onto it safely without falling in. Especially if your home has any potential to have smaller children or elderly individuals around the pool, the cover should be monitored for wear and tear that causes the fabric to become thin enough it has a tearing potential.

There is a time frame in the life of a pool cover where the fabric may still be in tact and you may get another few years of life out of it in terms of keeping debris out of your swimming pool, but where the fabric is thin enough that if even a small child were to fall onto it (or even walk onto it by accident), they may very well fall through.

This is a great potential for danger, and a top priority for us at Dave’s Pool Store. We want all of our customers to be safe and this is why we point out to our customers if a pool cover needs replacing.

If your pool cover seems worn, thin, or ready to tear in any area and you’re interested in replacing it with a safe, effective cover, we’d be happy to help you protect not only your pool, but the people you love.

There are several options when it comes to pool covers and we can come out to your home in the Wichita area to do a bid for a cover that will fit your pool and your lifestyle well.

There are many options, and we’d be happy to help you discover what might be best for your swimming pool.

Call us today to discuss your Swimming Pool Cover Needs 


And come visit us on West Street in Wichita today to get your swimming pool chemicals and supplies!

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Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 

Hot Tub Ownership – Treatment and Prevention

March 30, 2016 | admin

“Yeah, my roommates and I had a hot tub in college,” he said, “but the guy that owned it didn’t want to pay for chemicals and chlorine, so he just poured a bunch of bleach in it. It didn’t work out too well.”

Dave's Pool Store Hot Tubs Spas Wichita KS
photo credit: Hot via photopin (license)

If you’ve spent much time in or around hot tubs, you might have encountered hot tub rash, a hot tub that doesn’t look totally clean, or worse, maybe your college buddy poured a bunch of bleach in the thing and it stung your skin and caused some major problems.

Hot tub ownership does include the need for hot tub maintenance — not just if something goes wrong with your hot tub, but maintenance of the water itself. At Dave’s Pool Store in Wichita, we not only sell what top of the line hot tubs from Clearwater spas, we also are available to help you with your chemical needs.

We want you to get the most out of your hot tub or spa, and that means helping you understand the challenges your hot tub or spa may be facing.

There are three main challenges to treat with hot tubs:

1. High Water Temperature:

Have you ever noticed your skin feeling a little drier once you’ve been in a hot tub. This happens partly due to the increased temperature of the water. Warm water opens the pores of your skin allowing some of your skin’s natural oils to be released into the water.

(You’ll notice the same thing when you take a hot bath, which is also why we sell our aroma oil pockets that help not only give your hot tub an aroma therapy experience, but the oils released are also able to be absorbed into your open pores, allowing your skin to remain hydrated even after your time in your hot tub or bath.)

But with those natural oils being released into the water, it places more stress on the sanitizing system that your hot tub has in place — which is not a bad thing or a dirty thing, just something that happens in all hot tubs and has to be maintained to ensure a smooth usage experience.

The other challenge of high water temperatures in hot tubs is that it increases the evaporation rate of water. As the water evaporates, it will leave the natural oils and minerals behind.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a hot tub without a high water temperature (or at least not one you’d like to own), and the challenges are not new to us as hot tub experts. But if you’re new to owning a hot tub (or new to learning about hot tub ownership and maintenance), these are good things to be aware of so that you can address any problems that may arise, but ultimately, so that you can take the steps to prevent any problems.

If you come into Dave’s Pool Store, our experts can educate you on what chemicals your hot tub (and pool) needs, when, and hot to administer them, and we sell top-quality hot tub supplies and products to help make sure your hot tub stays a safe and fun place to be.

See the other two hot tub treatment challenges to be aware of in our future posts!

We’re proud to be the sole Clearwater Spa Retailer in Kansas, and we’re here to serve you.

Come visit us on West Street in Wichita today!

909 N. West St., Wichita


Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 

Best Hot Tubs: Clearwater Spas

March 16, 2016 | admin

Hot tub store wichita Spa Store Dave's Pool Store

Not all spas are created equal. That’s the first thing to know when you’re in a market for a spa or hot tub.

Different lines of hot tubs and spas carry different sizes and features, different finishes and insulation, different jet systems, different filters, and more.

Many spas may even look similar, but are put together completely different (and as a result, they most likely will perform different, and take wear and tear differently as well).

When you start doing your research when you’re in the market to buy a hot tub or spa, it can seem overwhelming, especially when every difference listed is toted as “better.”

In reality, many spas are similar and comparable to each other, if not in price point, in their other aspects. Most spas will do a fine job for you if your needs are generic.

But no matter what, a hot tub purchase is a sizable purchase. You probably wouldn’t walk into a big box store and buy the one car they had for sale out in front, with no questions asked — why would you do so with a hot tub?

At Dave’s Pool Store in Wichita, we carry one brand of hot tubs — Clearwater Spas — and we have sales associates ready and waiting to explain the features to you, show you the spa in person in our showroom, and answer any questions that you have on them. We don’t want you to get a spa that is “just OK.” We want you to get the best spa for you, and we believe that Clearwater Spas really are the best.

To be frank, we’re new to carrying a spa line. Before the founding owner of Dave’s Pool Store passed away, it had been his dream to move into a larger storefront location so that we could carry a top-notch spa line and have it on display for customers to be able to see what they’d be buying. (To be clear — Dave’s Pool Store is not new to spas and hot tubs, just new to selling them. We’ve been working on them for the tenure of our 31+ year business. See more info on our Services Page HERE.)

So when we moved into our beautiful new location at 909 N. West St. in Wichita, KS a few years ago, we prepared for the move by scouring the industry for the very best spas available. We weren’t bound by any contractual agreement or storage size limitations, so we went out and did our research, and this is what we found about the Clearwater Spas that convinced us. It’s not just that they were designed different than any other spa because they were designed by an aerospace engineer (which we love, coming from the air capitol of the world). It’s not just that their end product really does hit the “above excellence” mark as a top-of-the-line spa. But it’s also about how they operate as a company in everything from their spa making to their desire to help you, the end customer.

While the Clearwater Spas could speak for themselves, this is what the Clearwater Spas company has to say:

A commitment to quality and excellence. Our commitment to excellence goes back to the very first spa we manufactured, back in 1976, and is evident in everything we do. Everyone, from the maintenance staff to the quality control department, works hard to keep customers happy and provide only products of the highest quality. This commitment leads us to continuously evaluate our methods to maintain our position as a technology leader.

Protecting our environment. Clearwater Spas prides itself in using environmentally friendly and recycled materials to help reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Energy efficient.   Engineered smart.   Economically sound.

All Clearwater Spas are design with E-Smart™ technology. This symbol signifies the highest energy efficiencies, the smartest engineering detail standards, global environmentally green components and e-cycling sound programs.

All of Clearwater Spas are certified to California’s Energy Commission (CEC) – the most stringent energy standards in the United States. We not only meet these standards – we exceed them.

Building smarter means using green and recycled materials whenever possible. Clearwater Spas takes pride in using 100% recycled ABS to fabricate our Dura Floors on all of our spas. We also recycle 100% of our wood, plastic and cardboard waste. See for yourself what this commitment to excellence looks like. Contact your Clearwater Spas dealer and get started on finding your own personal relaxation destination.

Improving air quality one spa at a time. Clearwater Spas was the first company to produce an ecologically sound product, and all of our spas are produced without fiberglass resin and other destructive agents. Our EcoSpray™ was developed specifically to provide a solution to the styrene problem in the spa and bath industry and does not emit any volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.’s) into the air.

So if you’re looking for a spa and hot tub store that carries the best spas and that wants to meet you needs, come on over to see us at Dave’s Pool Store and we’ll show you around and answer your questions. We’re proud to be the sole Clearwater Spa Retailer in Kansas, and we’re here to serve you.

Come visit us on West Street in Wichita today!

909 N. West St., Wichita


Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 

Consider This Before Buying A Hot Tub

February 24, 2016 | admin

One of the things you need to research any time you’re in the market for a hot tub is the brand of spa that you’re looking at buying.

No two spas are created equal, and you need to be able to dig in and figure out what is important to you.

Consider Hot Tub features.

Look at the hot tub features, how its made, what the warranties are, what kind of a company it is that makes them as well as what kind of a company it is that sells them.

Consider where to buy a hot tub.

If you buy a hot tub or spa from a big box store, an online vendor, or somewhere else that doesn’t specialize in them, while you may get an OK product (or you may not…), you’ll be left high and dry if something goes wrong, if you need maintenance, or even if you just need to ask a quick question and get a little help like all spa and pool owners need to do from time to time.

Luckily, in Wichita, if you’re already in this position, Dave’s Pool Store and other locally owned Pool and Spa Businesses can still help you with your spa service maintenance. We just wish we could’ve helped you from the beginning and saved you some potential stress.

Consider The Store’s Spa & Hot Tub Service Offerings

If you buy your hot tub from a pool and spa store, you’re moving in a safer direction. This is what they (we) do. Stores like Dave’s Pool Store in Wichita don’t just stock and sell the hot tubs and spas, they know all about them and can help you with more than just the initial spa sale.

Consider How Long The Store Has Been In Business. 

The next thing to think about is longevity and customer service. When you’re going to buy a spa, you really are making an investment in your lifestyle. Any sizable purchase like that should be made in a way that makes you comfortable, and we know from experience that customers are usually happier buying from long-standing businesses rather than newer ones, simply because we have more credence behind our name, and you know that we’re a tried and tested business that will still be here to serve you tomorrow.

Dave’s Pool Store & Service has over 31 years of experience helping Wichita and the surrounding areas with their swimming pool and spa needs, so it’s no wonder that we’re excited to finally be in the hot tub retailer position we’re now in. For a long time at Dave’s Pool Store, we simply didn’t have the space for a show room to show off, store, and sell a spa line. We were always here to help our customers with their hot tub needs, (especially if they weren’t able to get that help where they bought the hot tub). But as of last year we opened up our new showroom and started carrying what we believe to be the best spa line in the business.

Consider A Local Company

Supporting local businesses is more than just a fad. For one, it keeps your hard earned money circulating in your local economy, and it supports jobs for people in your city. But beyond that, a local business has something more to offer. Local business owners have  to care more about their customers because their customers are their neighbors, their community members. It doesn’t always work across the board, but local business are often able to give you more attentive customer service and customer appreciation than chains are. They’re able to interact with you on a personal level, and treat you more like a person, and less like a sale. With a large purchase like a hot tub purchase, if you can find the right locally owned hot tub store near you, this can make a great difference.

At Dave’s Pool Store and Service, we’re excited to be a local business in the Wichita community that can offer both hot tubs for you to buy, and all of our regular pool and spa service expertise as well.

We love Wichita, we’re only located in Wichita, and we care about you who live here.

Learn more about our hot tub line, Clearwater Spas, on their website HERE.  Or stop into the store today at 909 N. West St., Wichita, KS to see the spas in person and learn about them directly from our skilled sales associates.

At Dave’s Pool Store, we are experts in swimming pool and hot tub care, we carry the parts, chemicals and pool supplies you need, and we offer swimming pool service and spa service. We’re not just a Pool and Spa store, we’re a team here to help you.

Come visit us on West Street in Wichita today!

909 N. West St., Wichita


Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 

Why Buy a Hot Tub From Dave’s Pool Store

January 27, 2016 | admin
Hot Tubs Spas Wichita Dave's Pool Store & Service

If you don’t work with or own a hot tub, you may have a general view of them that could be incomplete and you might be missing out! Spas (also known as hot tubs) are similar to cars in the way that you can purchase them in many makes and models ranging from the most simple and basic concept of a “hot tub” all the way up to custom models that have lights, stereos, multiple massage jets, custom seating, and more. Back in the day hot tubs were time-consuming and expensive to maintain, but now with changes to the ways they’re made, hot tubs require minimal maintenance and many come with guarantees. (At Dave’s Pool Store & Service, all of our hot tubs come with extensive warranties.)


Where to buy a hot tub in Wichita

While we’ll admit there are a few options for Hot Tub Sales in Wichita, KS, we truly believe the hot tubs and experience you’ll have when you purchase a hot tub through Dave’s Pool Store will leave you the most satisfied. For one, we searched the hot tub and spa world for the best hot tubs before we decided what brand to carry. What we found and what we stand by are our Clearwater Spas that are truly the best in the industry. They do have a higher price point than some of the lesser spas you can find for sale around Wichita, but we believe you’ll easily see why and believe with us that the price point is not too much, and is worth the difference.

The Clearwater Spas we sell have upward of 60 jets in each spa, and they come in various sizes, models, and colors. The clearwater spas company puts incredible care and effort into their products, and the end result shows it. The spas are transportable so if you move, you can take your investment with you easily. They come with a cover that will help maintain it for years, and most of our Clearwater Spas come with a significant 5 year equipment/plumbing warranty and a  20 year warranty covers the cabinet and the shell.

Why Dave’s Pool Store & Service?

For one, we believe Clearwater Spas truly are the leading spa line in the industry, and we are proud to be Kansas’ sole distributor for Clearwater Spas. Beside that, when you buy your hot tub from Dave’s Pool Store, you support a long-standing local business, you’ll receive top notch customer care, and you’ll be buying from a company with longstanding expertise in the industry so we can help you with any questions or concerns that you have arise. We’re easy to find and we’re here to help. We have been for 31 years. Dave’s Pool Store is Wichita’s hot tub store and we want to help you today. You can come into our store and see the spas in person displayed in our beautiful showroom so you know exactly what you’ll be getting when you purchase one.

If you have a swimming pool as well, Dave’s Pool Store can be your one stop shop for your hot tub and your pool supplies, as well as your swimming pool service and cleaning needs.

Come visit us on West Street in Wichita today!

909 N. West St., Wichita


Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 


Better Hot Tubs for a Better You

November 17, 2015 | admin


Hot Tub Spas Wichita Dave's Pool Store Clearwater Spas

What’s your experience with hot tubs?

Maybe you associate the word with the “hot tubs” that are at the hotels you stay at occasionally. You know the ones — made of concrete that gives your swim suit that nice, pills quality. The ones that have two jets that strangers are already using. The hot tubs that are too big to stay hot or too small for the 10 people that just showed up wanting to use one.

Or maybe you think of your neighbor’s hot tub which does the job pretty well. That hot tub has the privacy of being in someone’s back yard, and it has potentially up to 5 or 6 jets so that at least you all get one, somewhere on your lower back. A night in this hot tub with friends is still a good night.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve been one to indulge in luxury day spas and when someone says hot tub, the spa with the several jets and the soothing, calm music of luxury are what come to mind. This spa, we admit, is one that most anyone would enjoy. The thing is, going to the spa every time you want to relax and enjoy a hot tub or spa session is not only a hassle, it’s not in the budget or timeframe for most of us.

Enter the clearwater spas sold at Dave’s Pool Store & Service in Wichita Kansas.

With these spas, you select your size and model (you can even custom order), and you get an incredible day spa experience, physical therapy benefits, and relaxing environment, all with the ease of a back yard hot tub. With over 60 jets in most models, the Clearwater spas at Dave’s Pool store are specially suited to massage your body in the natural places where you carry tension, not just in the one awkward spot on your lower back that most hot tub jets hit. You will receive hydrotherapy from your neck down to your feet. These spas are great fro everything from massage therapy to a place to entertain. And just because your pool is closed and winterized doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy that beautiful backyard of yours this winter.

Call us today to learn more about our Clearwater Spa lines, or visit us at our show room at 909 N. West St. Wichita, Kansas to see these spas in person!

Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 

Give us a call today. 316.943.0717

Swimming Pool Closing | Winterize Your Pool With Dave’s Pool Store

October 17, 2015 | admin
Dave's Pool Store & Pool Service Wichita Winterize Close Pool
photo credit: Y.M.C.A. #2 via photopin (license)

We know that as the summer winds down here in Wichita and the kids are back in school, winterizing your swimming pool is just one of the many things on your long list of “I should do this at some point.”

In August it might feel too soon to close your swimming pool. In September, well, it still feels like summer, right? We can still grill out and swim. Come October you know it’s time to get your pool closed, but now you’re busy.

It’s understandable. Dave’s Pool Store is still here to help you winterize your pool the right way though so you have nothing to worry about come springtime.

Closing your swimming pool starts with balancing your pool and adding the right chemicals. When we take care of closing your pool, we get your water to the correct levels that will protect your pool throughout the fall, winter, and spring.

We also are able to close your pool in the correct fashion to prevent damage from the freezing temperatures throughout our cold months here in Kansas. Water expands when it freezes, so without proper winterization, serious damage could occur to your pool’s pipes, pumps, or filters.

Lastly, while you might use your pool cover everyday or often in the summer, when Dave’s Pool Store comes to service your pool for winterization, we’ll make sure that the cover is properly secured to prevent ice and other debris from damaging your pool.

While winterizing your pool can seem like a hassle, and paying the professionals to come out for pool service can seem like just another thing on the list, it really can save you a headache later, because you know the job will be done, and done well. Check it off your list.

Call us today at Dave’s Pool Store & Service at 316-943-0717, or visit us on N. West Street in Wichita, KS!

Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs. 

Give us a call today. 


Buying a Hot Tub Can Benefit You & Your Family

September 2, 2015 | admin

As summer comes to a close and the kids are back to school, you may be waving goodbye to time spent in the water. Your swimming pool will soon not be an option for recreation or relaxation, for you or the kids, as the weather starts to cool off. (By the way, we at Dave’s Pool Store & Service can come close your swimming pool for you and winterize it properly so it’s in good condition to be re-opened next year as soon as you’re ready.)

As the swimming pool season closes, start thinking about buying a hot tub tub to keep your yard and you happy all winter long. Dave’s Pool Store can also be your Hot Tub & Spa store in Wichita as we carry the highest quality line of hot tubs just for you. 

Hot Tub Store Wichita, KS Dave's Pool Store & Swimming Pool Service
photo credit: Exton 2011 via photopin (license)

 What ways can owning your own hot tub benefit you? 

Family Time

What do your family’s days currently look like? Does your family time look like hurried breakfasts on the way out the door to get the kids to school and then together again briefly for dinner before or after racing off to their current sport? Or maybe your only time spent together seems to be spent in front of the TV. Owning your own hot tub can provide a fun, relaxing environment for the whole family to spend time together. Make it a part of your nightly or weekly ritual. Some hot tub time in the evening can help the kids calm down before bed to sleep more soundly, and help you unwind from your busy day. Plus, it’s time spent together in a healthy environment where you can talk and spend quality time together as whole family.


But obviously your very own hot tub in your backyard is not just for family time. Owning your own hot tub also provides you with a perfect atmosphere for you and your partner to relax and be together. Spend some quality time with your love in a spa setting, talk about your days and your hopes and your dreams and your worries like you used to, without the distraction of a TV or your phones. Hot tubs can be a perfect place to foster your relationships. 


Then there’s also the most basic, potentially most powerful benefit of a hot tub that plays in to all the others: Hot tubs allow your mind, body, and soul to relax in a way that not much else does. Do you ever have those times where you just want to shut down the world for a second and just breathe in peace? Imagine being able to step into your backyard and finding that option waiting for you. 

In a hot tub, the heat dilates your blood vessels to increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissue. The buoyancy of the water reduces your body weight by 90%, which allows your joints and muscles to be released from their regular pressure. And the many spa jets work to massage your muscles , relaxing them and relieving pressure on your muscles and nerves. Lastly, many studies have found that the use of hot tub therapy or any time of warm water massage helps your body to release endorphins which make you feel better and more relaxed.

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