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What’s so important about my pool filter?

A lot of pool owners know that they have a pool filter, and most of you know a little about it — how big it is, what’s in it (if it’s a sand filter or DE filter), etc. But sometimes that’s where the knowledge stops. Which is OK!

We’re here to be a resource for you and we want to stress how important your filter is to the life of your swimming pool. It needs to be cared for and your pool service should include looking after your filter’s needs.

It’s easy to underestimate the role that your filter plays for your pool, but in reality, if your filter isn’t working properly, your pool will have problems — period.

Let’s start with the basics of how you can care for your swimming pool filter:

  1. When you first open the pool for the season, for the first couple weeks until the water is completely clean and clear, backwash your sand filter every other day, and your DE filter every few days.
  2. During the regular season you should backwash your sand filter once a week, and your DE filter every other week.

When you backwash either type of pool filter, you need to:

  • Turn your filter off
  • Roll your backwash hose out
  • Turn your key assembly to the “backwash” setting
  • Turn the pump on and run it until the water in your site glass becomes more clear again (for 30 seconds to one minute on average). Your backwash water will and should be dirty — this is all of the dirt and gunk your filter has worked to eliminate from you pool, and that shows the the filter is doing its job.
  • Then turn it off, turn the key assembly to “rinse,” and run that for 10 seconds.
  • Shut it off, then turn it back to “filter” and resume regular scheduling for your filter.

PLEASE NOTE: After each time you backwash your DE FILTER, you need to “charge” the filter again once it’s back on the “filter” option. You do this by adding DE powder slowly into the skimmer with the filter running. The amount you add depends on you filter, and it should say on the info panel on the filter how much DE powder you should add. If it doesn’t say on the panel, you can add 4 pounds of DE powder as a safe average.

If you’re having a hard time getting your pool clear despite the chemicals you add, or if you’re noticing a problem with your water flow in your pump or to your salt cell generator, filter problems may be the culprit.

Your sand filters should have the sand changed every 3-5 years, and your DE filter should be cleaned every year (or more as needed and the grids should be replaced as needed).

You’d be amazed by the difference it can make when you go from a clogged DE filter or dirty sand filter to clean, ready-to-use filters. It can literally turn a pool around in hours if poor water flow through your pool filter is the issue.

Here’s some photos of a pool that was having a ridiculously hard time turning around for weeks on end. It would oscillate between green, and cloudy blue but could never get clear. Once we cleaned out the very congested DE Filter cartridges, it immediately started to clear up.

So if you think it’s time for a sand change or DE filter cleaning, don’t wait. Call us at 316-943-0717 to get on the schedule ASAP and start the pool season off on the right foot!




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