One of the things you need to research any time you’re in the market for a hot tub is the brand of spa that you’re looking at buying.

No two spas are created equal, and you need to be able to dig in and figure out what is important to you.

Consider Hot Tub features.

Look at the hot tub features, how its made, what the warranties are, what kind of a company it is that makes them as well as what kind of a company it is that sells them.

Consider where to buy a hot tub.

If you buy a hot tub or spa from a big box store, an online vendor, or somewhere else that doesn’t specialize in them, while you may get an OK product (or you may not…), you’ll be left high and dry if something goes wrong, if you need maintenance, or even if you just need to ask a quick question and get a little help like all spa and pool owners need to do from time to time.

Luckily, in Wichita, if you’re already in this position, Dave’s Pool Store and other locally owned Pool and Spa Businesses can still help you with your spa service maintenance. We just wish we could’ve helped you from the beginning and saved you some potential stress.

Consider The Store’s Spa & Hot Tub Service Offerings

If you buy your hot tub from a pool and spa store, you’re moving in a safer direction. This is what they (we) do. Stores like Dave’s Pool Store in Wichita don’t just stock and sell the hot tubs and spas, they know all about them and can help you with more than just the initial spa sale.

Consider How Long The Store Has Been In Business. 

The next thing to think about is longevity and customer service. When you’re going to buy a spa, you really are making an investment in your lifestyle. Any sizable purchase like that should be made in a way that makes you comfortable, and we know from experience that customers are usually happier buying from long-standing businesses rather than newer ones, simply because we have more credence behind our name, and you know that we’re a tried and tested business that will still be here to serve you tomorrow.

Dave’s Pool Store & Service has over 31 years of experience helping Wichita and the surrounding areas with their swimming pool and spa needs, so it’s no wonder that we’re excited to finally be in the hot tub retailer position we’re now in. For a long time at Dave’s Pool Store, we simply didn’t have the space for a show room to show off, store, and sell a spa line. We were always here to help our customers with their hot tub needs, (especially if they weren’t able to get that help where they bought the hot tub). But as of last year we opened up our new showroom and started carrying what we believe to be the best spa line in the business.

Consider A Local Company

Supporting local businesses is more than just a fad. For one, it keeps your hard earned money circulating in your local economy, and it supports jobs for people in your city. But beyond that, a local business has something more to offer. Local business owners have  to care more about their customers because their customers are their neighbors, their community members. It doesn’t always work across the board, but local business are often able to give you more attentive customer service and customer appreciation than chains are. They’re able to interact with you on a personal level, and treat you more like a person, and less like a sale. With a large purchase like a hot tub purchase, if you can find the right locally owned hot tub store near you, this can make a great difference.

At Dave’s Pool Store and Service, we’re excited to be a local business in the Wichita community that can offer both hot tubs for you to buy, and all of our regular pool and spa service expertise as well.

We love Wichita, we’re only located in Wichita, and we care about you who live here.

Learn more about our hot tub line, Clearwater Spas, on their website HERE.  Or stop into the store today at 909 N. West St., Wichita, KS to see the spas in person and learn about them directly from our skilled sales associates.

At Dave’s Pool Store, we are experts in swimming pool and hot tub care, we carry the parts, chemicals and pool supplies you need, and we offer swimming pool service and spa service. We’re not just a Pool and Spa store, we’re a team here to help you.




Dave’s Pool Store & Service has been a locally owned business in Wichita, KS for over 30 years. We’re here to help with your pool service, pool cleaning, pool liner repair, pool maintenance, pool supplies, and your spa and hot tub retailer and maintenance needs.